Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Gift set with sandy speckles

Last week my young son went to a birthday party. He wanted to give his friend some money and suggested that I could make something to put it in. (He has such faith in me! Unfortunately this is the same faith in me that leads him to announce that he needs to dress up as a dalek ten minutes before a party...)

Here's what I came up with: a mini pizza box and, to carry it in  - no, your eyes do not deceive you - it's a bagalope! For those of you that haven't come across the bagalope before, it's a gift bag made from an envelope. I love this technique and it has come in useful more times than I can remember!

I thought a 3" square mini pizza box would be ideal to contain a crisp bank note folded in half so I started with a piece of card stock measuring 5" x 9" (click on the link above for details on how to make the box). It was decorated with the star stamp from Hung Up on the Holidays along with stars punched out from card stock. I wanted some of the stars to be smaller than the star punch so I drew a star inside the punched shape with a pencil, following the line of the original, and cut it out with paper snips. It works a treat!

The bagalope was made from a C5 envelope decorated with the Sandy Speckles wheel in different coloured inks and the same star stamp as the box. The handles are thin strips of card stock, twisted and secured to the bagalope with brads. I added a little tag made from a circle of card stock decorated with punched stars and attached it to the bagalope with silver elastic thread.

Stamps: Hung Up on the Holidays
Ink: Brilliant Blue
Card stock: Ballet Blue, Old Olive, Bravo Burgundy
Other: Star punch, Hodgepodge hardware, Brilliant Blue marker

Stamps: Hung Up on the Holidays
Ink: Ballet Blue, Old Olive, Bravo Burgundy, Brilliant Blue
Card stock: Ballet Blue, Old Olive, Bravo Burgundy
Other: Sandy Speckles wheel, star and 1 3/4" circle punches, Silver elastic thread, silver brads

Well, my son thoroughly enjoyed the party and returned, weary but happy, early the following morning. He had recovered sufficiently by mid-morning to venture out on an 8 mile bike ride. Where do they find their energy?

I'm off to stoke up my energy levels with some fish, vegetables and saute potatoes and a Victoria sponge for pudding... No-one ever tells you that having a teenage daughter means always having cake in the house!

Thank you for dropping in - see you tomorrow!


  1. These are fab Vicky I bet your son's friend loved them - great projects x

  2. Ooooo my favourite thing of all to make at parties, it's what I kick off with and love your version....

  3. What a fabulous gift set, I love it. I have some brown paper bags which I'm going to use to make party bags for my sons birthday and you've given me lots of inspiration.

  4. Great idea to make a mini-pizza box to put the gift money in. Your son is right to put his faith in you! And now, my turn to ask a food question -- what does it mean when you say, "a Victoria sponge for pudding"? To me Victoria is a girl's name, a sponge is what I cleaned my bathtubs with today, and pudding is a milky dessert in a bowl. haha


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