Thursday, 7 October 2010

Three Minute Thursday - Pocket Silhouettes thank you card

Getting new colours is a bit like having a new boyfriend - it's exciting, you're really attracted but at the same time you're a little bit hesitant because they're not familiar and you don't know all those little foibles yet...

This is where the new Colour Coach comes in! Take a look:

This is such a useful tool! Each colour of card stock is represented in a 7cm x 11.5cm swatch and you can fan these out to see what colours look like together. On the other side of the swatch are suggestions for colour schemes - how fast and easy is that when you want to make a card right now!

The colour coach is invaluable for people who aren't particularly confident about colour combining, but it is also a great convenience for people that are. I adore playing with colour but it's great fun trying out new things that wouldn't have occurred to me!

Today, I decided to ask my little colour oracle what it would do with Night of Navy. The combination that I've used wasn't the first one it suggested but it was the one I immediately wanted to use! See what you think:

Night of Navy contrasts beautifully with Old Olive and the scrumptious new Daffodil Delight. I've kept the design of the card very simple so that those colours really speak up for themselves. 

I think the Colour Coach is a fabulous new tool and can see myself using it a lot. As for new boyfriends - well, I am perfectly familiar with all my husband's foibles thanks very much!

I had actually forgotten that today is Thursday and time for a quickie card but luckily a lovely lady I know sent me an email to remind me! Today's card didn't take three minutes but not very much longer so I think it qualifies as a Three Minute Thursday card!

Happy crafting!


  1. Ooh this is fab Vicky...great colour combo and I agree the colour coach is a great idea especially for someone like me who likes to stick to the same colours! As for new least you won't have to wait on tenterhooks to see if the colour coach will ring you or not :)

  2. The colour coach is really nice I got this tool as well.

  3. I love your floral card, Vicky! The colours make me want to skip winter and go right to spring.

  4. Ha Ha Vicky! First George Clooney and now this!!?? Hope your DH does not read your blog- he might get a bit worried by all this!!

  5. That IS a terrific color combo. Sounds like the color coach is a great tool.


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