Sunday 9 August 2020

Announcing some changes!

Hello, crafting friends!

Eva and I have had a meeting in the Craft Square Metre and she has told me that I need to pull my socks up and improve the way I operate in Blogland so that I have more time for walkies! Here's what we decided:

I love writing about crafting and all the silly bits and pieces of life, so I think blogging is my natural home. So until I feel that no-one is interested in reading my ramblings, I shall carry on!

It makes my day when you leave a comment and, because I want you to know that I read and appreciate them, I have been replying to every one. The trouble is, most people don't even know I do this because they rarely go back and read the comments section! So it seems a bit mad and I am going to stop. It won't mean I'm not enjoying reading your comments I promise, but it will leave me more time to actually go and visit you at your blog - a much better idea!

I still love the idea of being able to engage in crafty chit chat though - which is why I have set up an Instagram account. It seems this is the ideal place to share cards AND have a bit of banter! If you're on Instagram DO come and say hello @craftingclarecards, maybe give me a follow and have a chat :)

There are times when you're looking for specific ideas. That's where Pinterest comes in handy. I've now sorted out my Pinterest issues and will be posting my cards there again. I've also had Technical Support (my lovely daughter!) reinstate the Pinterest hover button on my blog so you can easily save any ideas you want to come back to.

It's easy - you just click the little icons in the side bar!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Do let me know what you think and whether you have also tried any of these ideas.



  1. I've enjoyed when you blog but will try to catch you on Instagram. I don't seem to check it as much as I should though.

  2. All your changes seem eminently sensible. I don't have an Instagram account, so I'll just see you in blogland.

    Hug xxx

  3. Terrific idea ~ maybe I'll give instagram more of a go too ~ I found you there!

  4. Hi Vicky, so glad you are not giving up on blogging, I hated it when you stopped last time and really missed you! You are right to stop the comments in replies (I barely have time to return comments, but I do visit blogs who left me one. I wouldn't have time to return to every blog and look at comment replies though).Yes I am on Instagram (had to join to do FC stuff, it's a learning curve there though lol), I will follow you there ;)I love Pinterest too but don't update my stuff as much as I should! running the FC and being on another team takes most of my time alas. Phew sorry for the long post lol, hugs Viv xx

  5. PLEASE keep blogging! I love your blogs, your cards are awesome and I love hearing about Eva. Not having any pets, I enjoy her vicariously through you! No worries about returning the comments either! Keep up the good work!

  6. I think whatever suits You Vicky, I'll stick around blogland and see your work, (couldn't miss it) I have enough places to visit without Instagram too! LOL.
    Faith x

  7. Yes, the odd thing is, I don't have the facility for replying on my blog. I'm not very good at keeping up with Instagram - partly because I have a personal (kids, holidays) account there and need to switch for crafts. There used to be forums for crafty chat but I don't know of any currently.

  8. Love your work! Great to see you on Instagram!

  9. Glad you're not giving up the Blog. Love reading about you and Eva's doings.

  10. I'm glad you'll keep on blogging because I enjoy your blog. I'm not able to return comments so just comment when I can. Blogging needs to be fun not work!

  11. Phew! So glad you’re still blogging! Not ventured into Instagram, I’m still a bit of a dinosaur haha, in truth I struggle keeping up with technology full stop, but it’s always good to take stock and work smarter not harder. Wish I could practice that a bit more! Xx

  12. So glad you are going to continue blogging! I really enjoy your cards, chatter and Eva; however, I'm on my way to IG to follow you there, too!

  13. Whew, I panicked there for a minute until I realized you aren't leaving us again. I have an Insta account but it's long been dormant as I don't post my cards to it. I am on Pinterest though.

    Hugs xoxo

  14. I enjoy your blog. I love your dog. I am not on Instagram. But thank you for your emails.

  15. I think blogging definitely still has it’s place so am glad you’re still going to keep posting. Totally understand where you’re at with comment replies though - I now only reply occasionally as I just don’t have time and you’re so right about reading replies. I will seek you out on Instagram - I am there but don’t post as often as I should to be consistent- blogging is my real love!!


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